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for Creative Network

Since 2007 we’ve been designing all branding and communication for Creative Network and their renowned events where they bring creatives together called Let’s Talk Design.

Creative Network is a platform that brings creatives together with interviews, inspiring lectures, studio visits and workshops.

Creative Network website

The monogram of Creative Network is meant to look contemporary, so simple it can be redrawn by anyone. It has a reference to their tagline. We bring creatives together.

Creative Network Monogram Flag
Creative Network Notebooks

Creative Network Mobile Website

Creative Network Let’s Talk Design Totebag
Let’s Talk Design is their main event, held 4 times a year in different cities. 

Creative Network Let’s Talk Design Signage

Let’s Talk Design Antwerpen, Picture by Shruti Meta

Creative Network Let’s Talk Design Instagram posts
Typeface: Switzer by Indian Type Foundry & Futura Next by Neufville Digital
Web development: Nice & Robust
Pictures: Shruti Mehta

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